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  • "Buttery Toffee, milk chocolate and cinnamon sugar come together in this rich treat that's perfect for all occasions"

    - Food Network.com

  • "Chocolate Inspirations is so good its nuts. They have a whole section of vegan chocolates and brittle. The Artisan Italian Orange Bar and Artisan Organic Hummingbird Nectar Tea Bar are both crazy yum. Cinnamon Toast Toffee to cashew brittle to Peanut Butter Pillows, are they kidding me??? The english toffee is absolutely scrumptious as well."

    - Alicia Silverstone’s The KInd Life Review

  • SWEET SOMETHINGS Buy It: Chocolate Inspirations, Inc. Vegan English Toffee. "This toffee, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with pecans, is melt-her-heart-worthy. Bonus: it's gluten-free too! "Chocolate Inspirations is so good it's nuts," says Silverstone. "The English Toffee is absolutely scrumptious. If your mother is a toffee fan, this gift is a must!"

    - People.com

  • Handmade toffee in edible chocolate snowman jar. "Whoever is lucky enough to receive this gift will be tempted to eat the entire edible jar before even getting to the treats inside—but that would be a mistake. Chocolate Inspirations, a small Illinois-based confectionery known for its handmade English toffee, has released a few delicious new candies for this holiday season, including Coffee Almond Crunch, Cookie Butter Bark and Cocoa Peanut Butter Crunch. When you order the snowman cookie jar for a friend, make sure you load it up with one of those—and send some to yourself too."

    - Today.com

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