Sweet Shots Chocolate Liqueur Cups Dark Chocolate

As seen on You and Me This Morning! Our Sweet Shots Chocolate Liqueur Cups are decadent and fun! For Boozy or Non-boozy shots!

Check out our fabulous recipes using our Sweet Shots! Vegan and Dairy Free version too!


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Add a fun twist to your boozy treats with our Sweet Shots! Each "shot glass" or liqueur cups are hand molded with our premium 58% dark chocolate. Vegan and Dairy Free! Great for dinner parties, hostess gifts or any occasion that calls for a Sweet Shot! Our Sweet Shots can be used by simply pouring your favorite liquor or check out our Sweet Shots recipes. (Links included in package or see below) Create Boozy Mexican Hot Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate Champagne shot or your own boozy treats - Includes eight, hand molded, dark chocolate shot glasses. Our dark chocolate Sweet Shots are vegan & dairy free,

Sweet Shots are a great way to serve an easy and fun dessert for small or large parties. They were a huge hit at our house for Christmas Eve! We made boozy chocolate drinks for the adults and non-boozy for the kids. Helpful hint - Pour liqueurs, chocolate drinks, etc. a maximum of 10 minutes before serving. The liquid will break down chocolate and cups will begin to leak if left in chocolate cups for a long period of time

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