Gourmet Caramel Corn

“This is how Caramel Corn is suppose to taste!” –  Jerry W. Chocolate Inspirations Client

Our gourmet Caramel Corn is truly extraordinary. Freshly popped, light and airy popcorn is coated in our secret handmade, buttery caramel glaze recipe to create our amazing Caramel Corn. Made by hand,  in small batches, our slightly addictive sweet snack provides a crisp crunch as the decadent caramel glaze slowly melts in your mouth. Our Gourmet Caramel Corn is made with premium, GMO free ingredients

“The caramel corn was just amazing.  It tastes like someone hand made these treats, and I’m kind of blown away by the quality. ” Britt T. 



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“In my opinion this very sophisticated caramel coated popcorn is pure perfection. It's sweet well balanced flavor reminds of days gone by, but at the same time brings a clear touch of sophistication to an old familiar treat. The ingredient blend is smooth and the corn is crunchy and satisfying. I had serious trouble putting this treat down, but it was well worth a few extra minutes on the old treadmill.” – In New York Style.com

Ingredients: Butter, popcorn, tapioca syrup, pure cane medium brown sugar, pure cane dark brown sugar, pure cane sugar, unsulfured molasses, baking soda, sunflower lecithin, salt. Allergen Statement: Made in a facility that processes Dairy, Peanuts and Tree Nuts


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1/2 lb Size, 1/4 lb size