“BE” Chocolates for Nurses

Nurse’s Appreciation Week May 6- 12! This year around the world we have been showing our gratitude to our amazing nurses. National Nurses week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, Florence Nightengale’s birthday. In celebration of our AMAZING Nurses we created “BE” Chocolates for Nurses. A little something to say thank you! “BE” Chocolates for Nurses combine our gourmet chocolate with positive messages & colors that represent strength, happiness and gratitude.



Product Details

Candy Descriptions & Selections- Handmade by our family of chocolatiers

English Toffee –BEST SELLER FOR OVER 20 YEARS!  AWARD-WINNING, handmade, toffee, dipped in premium, imported milk chocolate and covered with chopped pecans.

New! Oreo Cookie Butter Bark – We blend our handmade cookie butter made with Oreos and blend it with our premium imported dark or white chocolate.

Espresso Toffee- Our signature toffee blended with espresso and espresso beans, dipped in premium 62% dark chocolate & covered in chopped pecans.

Cinnamon Toast Toffee – Our best-selling toffee recipe infused with cinnamon, dipped in premium milk chocolate and sprinkled with a cinnamon-sugar blend.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pillows –Peanut butter lovers must try this confection. Our best selling, light & flakey peanut butter candy topped in a premium 62% dark chocolate. Fun fact- it’s Plant-Based (dairy-free and vegan!)

Missfitz– THIS PRODUCT IS NOT GLUTEN FREE. A hand blend of premium milk and dark chocolate, as the rich chocolates blend together we add gourmet crisps, flakes, pecans and our toffee bits.

Cookie Butter Bark Dark Chocolate– THIS PRODUCT IS NOT GLUTEN FREE. Our hand blend of crunchy cookie butter with 62% dark chocolate. A soft and creamy dark chocolate confection. It also happens to be plant-based

Dark Chocolate Couverture Pistols – For the pure dark chocolate lover. 62% premium imported dark chocolate pieces (pistols).

Milk Chocolate Couverture Pistols– Yes there is a difference! Premium imported 35% milk chocolate pieces (pistols)

Gourmet Caramel Corn– EXTRAORDINARY! We freshly pop, light, airy popcorn and coat it with our handcrafted secret caramel glaze recipe

Ruby Chocolate Couverture– Unique taste of Ruby chocolate. Ruby is the biggest innovation in chocolate in 80 years. Made from the Ruby cocoa bean, it’s a completely new experience. Ruby offers an intense sensorial delight, a totally new taste experience: neither bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

What is Couverture Chocolate? Couverture is the name for only a certain class of high-quality chocolate. Couverture chocolate, unlike regular chocolate, couverture is ground to a finer texture during production and contains a greater percentage of cocoa butter. This process produces a superior flavor and texture that makes couverture the preferred chocolate


Additional information

Candy Selection

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pillows, Cinnamon Toast Toffee, Cookie Butter Chocolate Bark Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, English Toffee, Espresso Toffee, Gourmet Caramel Corn, Milk Chocolate, Missfitz, Oreo Cookie Butter Bark Dark Chocolate, Oreo Cookie Butter Bark White Chocolate, Ruby Chocolate, Tiger Butter

BE Chocolate Messages

Be Happy, BE Hugs, BE Love, BE Thankful

A Little Positivity Through Chocolate

Send your loved ones a little sweetness for the soul or send a Thank you to the essential workers that are risking their health to keep the grocery stores, the police stations, fire departments etc, open. There is so much negative we want to spread the positive through our chocolates!

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